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The work shown above is from the portfolio of Simon Hill, a member of GAMMA Photos (Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved).


Gamma Photos is a stock photography library with a difference … it is a library where its contributors come from all corners of the world and all sections of society, yet they work collaboratively with a single vision … to record their world as it appears to them for the benefit of future generations.  The contributors to Gamma Photos are practicing photographers.  Whether amateur or professional, they have one thing in common … they have the ability to see human life at its most intimate.  They are not simply passive bystanders to history; they are an active part of the social landscape in which they create their images.


Gamma Photos is based in London and has representation through a network of international offices.  Through these offices and its online presence, the library is able to lease reproduction rights to the press, publishers, advertisers, television producers, museums and galleries around the world.


Membership of GAMMA Photos is open to all practicing social documentary photographers, whether amateur or professional.


For membership information please contact the Membership Secretary at the following address:


GAMMA Photos Ltd | 3rd Floor | 207 Regent Street| London W1B 3HH click here to email